Wednesday, November 4, 2009

High On Love

I used to think those people who were all gooshy about their kids and talked about them being everyday miracles and such were sooo freaking cheesy.

Ha. That was before I became a mom.

Holy schnike balls this oxytocin stuff is f'ing amazing.

I am crazy in love with my kid. Head over heels, you jump I jump, come what may kinda love.

Not to say he doesn't drive me up the walls some times. He's taught me that whining isn't learned it's inherent. How I hate the whining!

But...the sound of his voice, his mischievous grins, his waddly walk and crazy nudist tendencies....heck, even the way he hugs all over the dog but refuses to give me a kiss when asked (cause it's evidence of that will, like a furious little flame beaconing the person he will eventually become) makes me all smushy inside and I find myself smiling and weeping, sometimes at random.

Is it like this for everyone?

I think if I were ever able to forgive Connor's sperm donor dad for walking out on his son it would be because I feel pity for him. He's missing out on all the good stuff. This wonderful, amazing, charming, sweet, stubborn, infuriating little boy.