Sunday, October 12, 2008

Every Day, In Every Way, It's Getting Better and Better....

Connor will soon be 2 months old. In a few short weeks so much of my life and what I thought about myself has changed in a veryt short amount of time.

Misconception#1 - What I can endure

Before Connor, I couldn't handle invasive doctor's exams, I had never fasted more than 12 hours successfully, and I had never gone more than 48 hours without sleep. As a woman, I am a mere mortal. As a mother, I suddenly have an ability to do things I never thought possible.

Misconception #2 - Modesty above all else

Anyone know knows me knows I am fairly neurotic when it comes to nudity. Gotta keep all the sensitive bits under wraps unless I am in a situation where I wouldn't invite my mother. In a few short weeks I've gotten comfortable with popping the boobs out in front of pretty much anyone. They aren't boobs to me so much anymore as they are my baby's lunch.

Misconception#3 - I will never, ever be a co-sleeping parent

Ha! This is a good one! So I had a choice. I could put the baby down properly in his bassinet at night and keep my squishy king-sized bed to myself...and wake every 3 hours on the dot, pull him out of his bassinet, take him to the livingroom, feed him while watching a little tv, rock him back to sleep, put him back to bed and then lie awake for several more minutes before *I* can get back to sleep, only to jump at every little cough and grunt he makes, leaning up to check to see if he is still breathing or is having another choking event....

OR I could sleep with him in my recliner, knowing he is ok because I am able to hold him in the proper position and I can feel and hear him breathing...and because he is warm and cosy he wakes every 4-5 hours instead of every 3...and when I put him just right in the chair I can sleep while he feeds, burp him, lay him back on my chest and go back to sleep almost instantly.

So my options were to not co-sleep and therefore, not sleep, or put a baby on my chest and finally get some rest.

It was actually an easy choice.


Wendy said...

I love it, and how proud you will be when Connor gives you a Mothers Day gift, a tee shirt, and calls you super mom. When it comes to your children you will do whatever it takes and feel good about it. It is so different when you are doing it for them, its like whats the big deal this is for my child.
Your a wonderful, loving mom, you just cant begin to imagine how proud I am of you,

lmt1073 said...

yes, yes, yes.... it's much easier that way and when you have a child who doesn't sleep well on there on, this work... my addy is definitely a co-sleeper