Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Milestone Madness!

I've been so eager to see Connor crawl that somehow I missed that he was developing in other areas. He's had a few surprises for me this week. The first was pulling himself to his knees on the side of his crib. I realized it was time to raise the side up when I came in his room and saw him about to tumble over the edge head first.

Fortunately, not all of his surprises nearly gave me a heart attack. He's started to kiss me! He grabs my face and presses his open, drooly mouth to my cheek. It's really rather sweet! Except when he kisses me in hopes that it will convince me to give him a bite of my ice cream. Not yet baby!

Today we had a big one! He pulled himself to sitting by himself!!! He was rolling around in the floor, playing with his toys. I walked out of the room and when I walked back in he was sitting! On his butt! He loves to wait till I leave the room to do something new. I don't know what it is with that kid.

Oh, actually, there was one more. It happened last week. I was complaining to my friends how Connor seemed to prefer his Nana and the Daycare workers to he preferred pretty much ANYONE he saw on a regular basis to me. I was rather put out by it. The next afternoon as I was walking into the daycare I heard him in his room fussing, working up to a full cry. The moment I rounded the corner and he saw me his whines abruptly stopped and his face split into a HUGE grin. Then, as I walked towards him, smiling myself, he raised his little arms for me to pick him up.

Oh, Connor. The moment I decide it's time to sell you to the gypsies you have to go and be all adorable and sweet. What a little tease!

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L+L=E said...

They always have to wait to surprise you, don't they?!

And yes, the reaching out to mommy is such a confidence booster (while tugging those heart strings...)

Yay Connor! You're growing up so fast :)