Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slow Down Baby!

This week Connor has delighted, terrified, and creeped me out with a boat-load of new milestones and accomplishments.

It didn't take Connor long to go from a wriggly, scrunchy army crawl to a full-on up on the hands a knees crawl. As you might have gathered from my previous post, I completely underestimated his abilities and got quite a shock the other day.

When I take a shower I put on a Baby Einstein DVD, surround him in toys and wash as quickly as I can. Usually when I come out he is sitting there peacefully playing with his toys and glancing up at the tv from time to time. THIS time, though, I heard hear him crying the moment I turned off the shower spray....but the cries sound strangely distant. I rushed out of the bathroom, towelless, and discover that he is NOT at all where I left him. I can still hear him crying though. A few frantic seconds later I found him in the kitchen, crawling, crying, and obviously looking for me. The moment he saw me his sobs halted and he rewarded me with a big smile. He plopped himself on his rear and raised his arms up for me. I tried to give him a hug but apparently he isn't fond of getting squeezed by a wet, terrified mommy.

The potted plant phase is officially over!!!

I don't have a video of the new crawl yet because he is ultra-sneaky ninja baby and does most of his crawling when I am not looking or when I don't have a recording device handy. If I bring one out he just stares at it in fascination and tries to take it from me.

I bet I could make some money designing various electronics (cameras, video cameras, cell phones, etc) that looked so boring that babies and small children would ignore them altogether. Like a cloaking device for your cool, expensive, highly breakable stuff. Of course, they wouldn't appeal to a lot of shoppers since people are all about the shiny, but at least SOME people prefer practical to pretty. I'd have my niche market...and I'd be my own customer!

You would have thought with the crawling I would have learned my lesson, but no, I still struggle with thinking of Connor as the little baby that can't get around on his own.

At night I put him in a sleep sack because he can't really crawl well in it and he tends to wake up less with his head jammed up against the bars of his crib because he crawled himself into a corner in his sleep. Assuming that because he can't crawl that he can't move in other ways is a fallacy, though. Something I learned the other morning when I went to get him up for the day and found him standing up in his crib, silently staring at me. It was very Children Of The Corn creepy....perhaps because I wasn't expecting it, or perhaps because he was so quiet...or maybe it was the way the shadows of the room fell across his face and the only thing I could see of his expression in the dim light was the wet glint of his eyes...

Maybe I just have too verdant of an imagination. "Connor?" I questioned nervously. "DADA!" he greeted me enthusiastically. It was just Connor after all, not some alien changeling child. Yay!

Oh, and since I've mentioned it I should tell you that Connor has finally said Momma!! It isn't something he says often and it is obvious he isn't actually referring to me. In fact, I am fairly certain he thinks my name is Dada...anyway...He makes this face that makes him look like a little old man. He sucks his lips in over his gums and smacks his mouth. It reminds me of my dad when he takes his teeth out. While making this face, Connor often coos and goes MomMomMomMom....which COUNTS dammit. He said Momma! I'm taking it!

He hit another milestone that I probably wouldn't have noticed or counted if it weren't in the books. He's banging objects together! It DOES make me giggle when he does it because sometimes in an effort to look at both items at the same time he ends up crossing his eyes and then toppling over. Am I bad for laughing at that?

He doesn't fall over in this video, but it's still pretty cute.

The other big thing he's done is that he's learned to wave Bye Bye!! I don't know why it delights me so much, but I feel like squealing every time I see him do it. It is incredibly adorable! He did it for the first time at the park the other day...and then again at daycare. Now he even does it for the mirror, which just makes me want to squish him it's so cute.

I guess part of why I am so happy is that NOT waving is an early warning sign for Autism, one of my last big developmental fears. I've had no real reason to suspect autism from Connor, as he is an incredibly happy and social child....but a mother worries.

I am thrilled at all these new developments, but I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a little overwhelmed by how fast he is changing and MORE than a little nervous at the thought that he could be walking soon. I feel ALMOST as scared and unprepared for a toddler as I did for a baby before he was born. I survived having an infant, so hopefully I can survive having a toddler.

Wish me luck!

oh...and for today's cuteness: Connor enjoying some CHEESE!

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L+L=E said...

That is incredible! I can't wait to see your little scooter in action! I know what you mean though about toddlers. Emily is pulling up on things and I know it's just a matter of time...Mom keeps telling me a story about how one of her scariest moments was when she was woken up in the morning by this little hand touching her...