Friday, May 15, 2009

Connor's New Tricks

Connor has been a show-off this week, cruising around on the furniture like he owns the place.  The other night he got bold and let go of his toy box  with one hand, inched over and grabbed a table with the other hand, then took the few steps necessary to be full-body clinging to his latest conquest.

It's time to glue all the furniture to the walls apparently.

As strange as this may seem, more exciting to me than the cruising (which just fills me with dread of all the baby-proofing yet to be done) is clapping.  I know that may seem a little strange, but when Connor claps at me I'm overwhelmed with delight.  I can't help but clap along with him saying "Yayyyy!  Yayyyy!" in time with the beat.

Another thing Connor has been doing is a little...odd.  He has been rubbing his face on things.  Last night I found him "crawling" by dragging his face across the carpet.  I sat down next to him and he grabbed my foot and rubbed his face against it.  A little disturbed, I picked him up, only to have him grab MY face and rub his drooly, dirty cheek against mine.

...thanks Connor.

This morning as I was nursing him, he pulled my hand to his face and pressed it to his cheek.   I don't mind gently caressing my son's soft, perfect little face....but I have to admit, I think this new behaviour is a little weird.

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