Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Connor Black?

Nanny's view of Connor as a "black baby" made me think about the race thing. I guess I don't really see him that way.

What defines mixed-race children as one race or the other? Why is Obama considered a black man? His African features?

Personally I don't think Connor has African features, although this may change over time. He is more brown than I am, certainly, but I honestly don't think you could instantly judge the race of the father by looking at the son....and it isn't that I would mind if Connor did look African, I just don't think he DOES.

Is it a cultural thing? Connor will be raised by his white mother, the only family he will know is his white family, and since the majority of my friends are white he won't really be exposed to a lot of non-white culture on a day-to-day basis until he gets to school.

If Obama, who is only half of one thing can be called that thing, wouldn't it apply that Connor, also half, could be called another? Who makes the rules on what you are?

I find it kind of funny that there is a little girl in Connor's daycare room that is also mixed white/black. She has the African features and curly hair, but her skin is much much paler than his. Genetics is a funny thing!

One thing I DO know is that Connor is a beautiful little boy, and the rest just doesn't really matter.

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