Sunday, November 23, 2008

Takin The Plunge

This was sooo cute, I had to take a picture. Connor all bundled up and ready for his walk...

So, with a little experimentation I have discovered that Connor has problems with the Soy fake cheese. The problems are not as severe as with Dairy, but enough that I know that I can't eat it. No more Tofutti for me! :(

I've decided to go on a soy-free, dairy free diet. Even eliminating hidden sources of Soy and Dairy to see how he fares. I'm also giving up the fenugreek temporarily to see if that also might be contributing to his gastric issues.

It basically means I am going to have to be on a whole-foods diet, since pretty much EVERYTHING is made with either Dairy or Soy. I'd gripe about it more if my weight-loss hadn't picked up momentum again. If my current progress keeps up I will make a major goal in the next few weeks and celebrate by pulling all my old clothes out of storage to see what I can fit into now. That promises to be fun!

The way I am eating is also a lot healthier for me, I know. For breakfast I had a big bowl of oatmeal sweetened with brown sugar, 2 cups of grapes (overdoing it I know, but really, I have so little), and a couple of slices of prosciutto.

The only downside I see is how expensive fruits, vegetables, and meats are these days. I'm not really sure how I am going to manage...hopefully I can figure something out. One method will be coupons and sales. I'll buy whatever is cheap at the moment. After Connor wakes up from his nap I am going to put on his full body coat, strap on the baby Bjorn and hike over to the nearest conveyance store to buy a Sunday paper. Mega Coupons!

I remember a time when such a walk would have been a miserable experience for me. I can get around MUCH better now, just with the 50+ pounds I have lost so far. Remind me of that when I am complaining about the lack of cheese in my life....because in spite of all of these positive changes, I swear, some days all I want to do is bury myself in cheesy nachos and McDonalds cheeseburgers, and queso, and....well, you get the idea.

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Ariyanna Moon said...

Wow, I am in awe of your diet change. It sounds really good though. You are really doing a big thing by giving up those foods and believe me I know how difficult buying groceries with such strict limitations can be. I hope you find all the richness that other foods can over to replace the ones you are loosing. I will tell you the hardest part will be going out and going over to friends house and having meals. You can come over here anytime though, I will always have something fresh and dairy/soy free for you. All my best... Oh and btw... Connor is adorable in his outfit!