Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Had A Strange Dream Last Night

I dreamt that I responded to a CraigsList add for a group non-sexual strictly platonic touching exercise. Basically, a bunch of people would get together and touch each other in a non-sexual way. Why? Because in today's society we live in profound isolation from each other, separated by boundaries created by technology, culture, and indifference to each other. The exercise was intended to re-bond people with their fellow humans by sharing a small, non-invasive intimacy with each other.

So anyway, I read the article and was intrigued so I went to the event. It was AMAZING. It was just people standing there touching hands, shoulders, backs, hugging, resting head on shoulders, that sort of thing. I felt so connected and accepted.

After the event was over I wanted to experience that wonderfulness again, and spread the message of physical connection, so I attempted to host my own event.

It didn't go quite so well. During MY event one of the attendees, a man, was sexually assaulted by another man and *I* was arrested for instigating the situation.

After that I woke up.

It DID make me think, though. We ARE terribly isolated from each other. Humans once lived in close-knit, interdependant communities, and now we're lucky if we have that sort of connection to the people that live in the same house. I don't think the idea of a non-sexual group touching exercise is a BAD idea....but I would never go to one. I don't want people getting in my bubble.


Ariyanna Moon said...

At first the dream sounded very plausible but the other half...whoa, that would be a nightmare. You can get a hug from me anytime, even a little shoulder massage, just ask.

Nana said...

Well, I have always heard you needed 9 hugs a day to stay healthy. I am lucky if i get one a wk. I totally believe in a non sexual touch. But most men if u even touch them on the arm think Man, she is coming on to me. So I try to limit my touches to the dogs. At least I cant sued my them because i touched them. I miss my puppies