Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Single Parent Dating...

Dating is rough. Dating as a single parent is like a cheesy b-rated horror flick. The acting is bad, the make-up is half-assed, and you're either totally creeped out, or laughing at the absurdity of it all. At least, that has been my experience so far.

Added to the awkwardness of attempting to balance work, parenthood, family and friend obligations and a dating social life, I've found that my cautious nature has expanded exponentially to encompass someone I am far more protective of myself. It makes me take a much deeper look at potential dates as they enter the ring.

Of those that have passed my initial screen so far, one committed so many classic first date blunders (arriving 30 minutes late, with no wallet, only talking about himself, blatantly checking out other women, etc) that I had to wonder if he really wanted to be there at all. The next one went beautifully until he unexpectedly began cussing at me and calling me every foul name in the book because I had the audacity to suggest that I was looking forward to my little one becoming a bit more independent so I could take a shower in peace and not be greeted by a chorus of angry wails when I got out. Apparently this makes me a TERRIBLE mother and person. And then there was one who was perfectly nice in every way and I had nothing really to complain about...but I just got the feeling that it wasn't going to go anywhere so I ended it. That last one led me to wonder if I am even ready for this dating thing at all.

But, here I am still...putting it out there, because I know if I give up what I really want will never manifest. So here's hoping that the bad movie with the terrible dialogue and silly costumes at LEAST has a good ending.

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