Friday, January 2, 2009

Surprise Mommy!

Today when I went to feed Connor on my lunch break, he did a new trick for me. It was sooo obviously a "Mommy! Look what *I* can do!" moment. He was looking me right in the eye when he did it with this HUGE smile on his face. He was so proud! I am too, of course!! Extra kisses for Connor cause he's a big boy!

Fortunately he did it again for the camera!



L+L=E said...

ok, I just couldn't help laughing over and over again when that cutie falls over! He IS too cute!

Stephanie F. said...

Yay! You posted new pics!!

Nana said...

You are so right he did that just for you, I could see his happy little surprise Mommie on his face. He is such a darling.

Rhianna said...

How cute! I came over from BBC, I love the video! :)