Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It wasn't a fluke!

Connor was in bed by 9pm. He woke at 3am but I put his paci and his mouth and he went back to sleep. Then I decided that since I was so engorged I should just go ahead and feed him. I did so, and put him back down. He slept till 7am. It was very nice.

I think it's obvious that he is able to sleep better since we're not co-sleeping anymore. In the long run it is better for both of us. I only miss it a little...and I DO prefer sleeping in my bed rather than in the recliner. I get a lot more sleep that way.

AH responded to my email asking if there was a history of Café au lait spots in his family. His response was that there wasn't AND that he had already given me his entire medical history when we went to Connor's first doctor appointment. I guess he is indicating that I have no reason to ask any more questions of that nature, but honestly, I wouldn't have put benign spots in Connor's medical history, I would never have thought about it. It was a reasonable question to ask. AH is ass hat. **sigh** not that I didn't already know that.



Stephanie F. said...

Ugh to his email response. I love the name asshat!! :-)

Stephanie F. said...

Yay for sleep!!

Nana said...

I know it was important to ask AH, but it makes me want to kick his balls out his mouth even more the ho, man do i have some anger toward AH.