Tuesday, December 30, 2008

At Laaaaaaaaaaaaast....

I'm celebrating, even though it was likely a fluke. Connor slept through the night last night! I started him on a sleep schedule this week because I am on vacation AND I started putting him in his crib to sleep. Every night at 9pm he is in his crib. If he isn't ready to go to sleep (even though he usually is) I let him cry a little, pick him up if he won't soothe, rock him and sing him a little and put him down. Rinse and repeate as necessary. Last night I didn't even have to rock him, he was out by 9, although he fell asleep in my arms after feeding rather than in the crib. I held him for a little while and then put him down. He only stirred a little as he hit the sheets. At 11pm he woke fussing a little and I put his paci back in his mouth and he went back to sleep and was out until 5am. It was great! Except I woke several times and snuck in his room to check to see if he was still breathing. Still, all in all, it was pretty great. Now I can only hope it happens again tonight! However, with the teething and the shots he got today I'm not going to be terribly surprised or upset if it doesn't.

The only news I have from Connor's 4 month check up that can even be considered close to bad is that he has 4 Café au lait spots on his body, that I showed to his Doctor. I was embarrassed to even mention them because I was sure they were nothing, but she told me if he had more than 6 it might indicate a genetic disorder. She told me it was good that I showed them to her and I should keep an eye out to see if more crop up. Of course I got on the internet to see what disease might present with Café au lait spots and thoroughly terrified myself. I'm not going to read anymore about it, but I probably WILL go over the little one with a bright light and see if there are any more spots I hadn't noticed yet. The spots are very faint and with his tanned skin-tone they are hard to see. Since the weather has been cold he almost always has a long sleeved footed onsie on, so I don't actually see his body under good lighting a lot. (the lighting over his changing table is poor, although Mom got me a stick up light for Christmas that should fix that) I know it is way too soon to panic, but it is inherent in a mother's nature to worry.

I did send an email to AH to see if he has anyone in his family who has any genetic issues that presented with Café au lait spots. I don't know if he will respond, but since I know it's not on MY side of the family, it would be good to know.

Wish us luck everyone!

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