Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beware Grandparents!!

We all know that grandparents SPOIL our children, but were we warned that they could teach them cute, but annoying habits as well?

My darling mother taught my darling child to make

This Noise

He sounds desperately constipated! And annoying as it is, if you make the sound back to him he starts to giggle uncontrollably which is completely irrisistable and therefore I am forced to actually ENCOURAGE him. Gah!

Connor is sleeping through the night 2-3 times a week now...I am hoping I can increase that ratio. Fortunately last night was one of those nights. He goes down at 9pm and sleeps till 4am, wakes, eats and goes back down for 2 - 3 hours. (they are considered to be sleeping through the night when they sleep for a 5-6 hour stretch, so I am lucky to get 7 hours straight like that!)

Care for Connor is getting easier these days. He can entertain himself for longer stretches now so I have more opportunity to clean and cook. I've actually cooked myself real meals several days in a row now. Last night I made risotto for the first time...I had never even TASTED risotto before. I was surprised to find that I really liked it, especially since I don't usually like rice much.

It is amazing how much a difference in my mood getting enough sleep really makes. Yesterday after having 2 straight nights of little sleep I was in a bit of a funk. This morning I realize how good life really is. I have a wonderful, beautiful son who is growing and changing every day. I have a job in tough economical times (and lets hope I keep it!), I have family and friends to share my life with and a roof over my head and more food than I should really eat. I've got it pretty good. Makes me wonder why I ever whine about anything. Why is it so easy to forget how fortunate you are?


L+L=E said... worries...Connor probably would've learned how to make that noise anyway!

Yay for sleeping through the night!!

"Why is it so easy to forget how fortunate you are?"
Exactly...whenever you are down, it's so important to find one good thing to be happy about...

Nana said...

LOL< LOL< LOL< it hurts so much to laugh, but that was just too funny. Yes, i taught him to make this funny noise and the face he makes when he does it will just crack u up. And i dont think he would have learned this one. Cant wait for you to see it L cause you will just have to LOL. but i am glad E is doing it with him because he does get such a kick out of it.