Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Kid Never Fails To Suprise Me

You already know, that in spite of my best efforts, Connor's first word was "Dada". It's understandable because it is the easiest word to say, and it's not like he knows what it means. He's been saying "Baba, Goo, Gee, Gaa" and several other random sounds as well. I've continued to encourage "Mama". Honestly, if I had even PENNY for every time I've said Mama to that kid... you might already suspect, his next word wasn't Mama. The fun part is, I managed to catch it on video. To give ou a little background, I've been having Connor watch the "Your Baby Can Read" videos. He REALLY loves him. I was videoing him because I wanted you guys to see him screeching and flapping his arms at the screen (it's rather amusing), but I'll save THAT video for another day.

Today we get to see Connor foil mommy...again.

As you're watching, pay attention to the sound of the video playing in the background. It's important. Also, all the action takes place in the first 6 seconds. No need to watch the entire video.

On a different note, Connor and I had a lovely weekend. We spent a large part of Saturday with Laura and Emily at the park. The babies thoroughly enjoyed themselves, lounging in the sun and
playing with their feet.

Of course we brought our cameras and had a little photo shoot. What else would we do? A few of my favorites:

(Taken by Laura)

Happy Baby!

More Happy Baby!

In this one, his eyes remind me of my brother Jeremy for some reason. I can't explain it, especially since Jeremy has blue eyes:

Call me silly...or a proud momma, it doesn't this pic I see the nobility of a FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...drool and all.

Sunday Connor and I got up even earlier and went hiking with Wayne and his 4 kids. It is a 2.5 mile hike, half of which is up a mountain. I carry Connor strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn. He loves it. LOVES it. He coos and flaps his arms and gets really excited. ...of course Wayne usually ends up carrying him a little bit too. I'm working on getting in shape, but I am not there yet!

After that it was back to the park for a cookout. We had a really good time. And Bacon Burgers! Yay for bacon!

Connor learned to use his sippy cup!

For more pictures of our weekend adventures, check out my Picasa Album.

At the end of the day Connor and I were both happily exhausted. It was a simple, blissful pleasure to settle down with him in my recliner for that last nursing of the day.

This may sound bad, but one of my favorite parts of every day is when he has fallen asleep in my lap and I get up to carry him to his crib. It's not that I'm happy he's asleep (although, I am). It's just a sweet, comforting ritual that we have.

He will be peacefully conked out on the pillow and I will ease his weight up into my arms. He'll stir and his brows will crinkle. I kiss his tiny pink lips and slip the pacifier back in his mouth. He's expression smooths into languid serenity. I hold him close for a few moments against my chest, feeling the pressure of his small body against my heart. He's growing, but I can still curl him up in my arms and cuddle him gently. I whisper my love for him in his ear and pace quietly to his crib. I lay him down on his cool sheets and he wiggles down into a comfortable position. I cover him with a light quilt and turn on the monitor. One last always seemed saccharine and silly to me when people called children angles, but I have to admit, I can understand it a little better now.

Of course, once that is done I still have much to do. Bottles and purees to make. Clothes to prepare. Laundry and kitchen duty. The work never ends, but these days I find I don't mind it as much.

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L+L=E said...

"Of course, once that is done I still have much to do. Bottles and purees to make. Clothes to prepare. Laundry and kitchen duty. The work never ends, but these days I find I don't mind it as much."


Never before have I meant these words so truly but...

I know exactly what you mean.