Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Little Empathizer

Last night I had a moment where the weight of the things I have been dealing with lately slammed into me with the delicacy of a drunk hippo, and before I could stop myself, I burst into tears. Not quiet, respectable tears. Oh, no. The kind of embarrassingly loud sobs that cause the neighbors to poke their heads in to see what's wrong.

Connor's head snapped up at the sudden sound. He dropped his new favorite toy (a silicone spatula). He thought I was laughing at first, and he started to laugh too...but then either my expression or the fact that I was frantically rubbing the tears off my face clued him in to the fact that I was crying. He started to cry too. He stood up and toddled over to me and hugged my legs, laying his head in my lap. I picked him up and instead of trying to wriggle away as he usually does, he snuggled into my arms and clung to my shirt. That just set me off more, although now I was crying for a different reason. He whimpered along with me until I finally got it all under control and set him down again. In a few minutes we were both laughing at Luna's antics as she frantically chased the ball I was throwing for her.

Oh Connor, when it is all too much, you remind me of why I keep going. I love you little man.

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L+L=E said...

Oh Fey...I'm so glad that Connor is here for so many reasons, but this is just one more on top. He knows he's got a great mommy so when mommy is sad, it must be terrible! I hope things have calmed down a bit for you. You know my phone is usually right beside me day or night...mostly at night for you if you don't want to wake up the little man. :)