Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Steps

Connor, my darling little baby will soon be a baby no more. Those timid first steps are moments away. Will it be tomorrow? Next week? Next month? I'm not really sure but I know it will be soon. He's actually taken a few half-steps. He'll be standing up and see something interesting and move in that direction...but then he realizes what he is doing and plops to the ground. It is a good thing he's wearing a diaper for extra padding!

His new trick is kissing mommy on request. I'll present him my cheek and say "gimme kiss!" and he'll grab my head and press his wide open mouth to my face. He hasn't QUITE grasped the concept of close-mouthed kisses but I don't mind really. I just keep a towel handy.

Last night was one of those moments where I wanted a camera but nothing was handy. He was pulling clothes out of my laundry basket when his paci fell in. "uh oh!" I cried. He reached and reaaaaached and finally retrieved it. He held it up to me with a triumphant expression on his face. "Yay!" I exclaimed, clapping. "Yay!" He smiled micheviously and threw the paci back into the laundry basket. "uh oh!" I repeated....he fished it out again and basked in my praise. A moment later, he tossed the paci in again. This time he threw it too hard and it fell to the other side of the basket where he couldn't reach. My heart soon swelled with "My baby is SO smart!" pride when he edged around the basket till he was on the other side so he could get to his paci.

This went on for a few minutes until, oh no! The paci fell right in the middle and he couldn't reach it from any angle. He tried tipping the basket towards him. He reached and grunted and reeaaached and grunted but he just couldn't get it. He finally gave up and decided to play with his pull elephant.

It sounds stupid and sappy, but I fall a little bit more in love with him every day.

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Stephanie F. said...

Great post. :-) And no it isn't stupid at all. Sappy yes, but who cares. Post some videos when you get a chance! :-)