Friday, February 6, 2009

Weird Poop Book

I was creating a wishlist on Amazon of books I'd like Connor to have. Mostly books I loved as a child but no longer have for some reason. One book, though, I never owned or read but it's popularity made me think it might be useful in the future. "Everyone Poops".

When you are adding items to a wishlist, Amazon will suggest items of a similar nature that it thinks you might like to buy as well. One of the suggestions is a book with cover art that, for some reason, I find incredibly disturbing.

Where's the Poop?

A bunch of animals, grouped around a toilet with expressions of absolute GLEE over its contents. They aren't cartoony looking animals either. They're drawn to look pretty what are they doing there? How did they get in the house. Why are they so VERY happy about poop?

It's just...weird.

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